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Who we are

Since 1985 we design, produce, import and distribute products and equipment for:

Dentists and dental cabinets
We have been the first to offer in Italy a complete line of products and equipment for the cleaning, the disinfection, the package and the sterilization of the instruments. We have also introduced the tests for autoclave control and for the sterilization process. We have always been aware of the importance of the light in the dental cabinet: for this reason we developed a line of ceiling lamps for clinical rooms and we offer operating lights able to satisfy all the dentist’s different needs. We propose a complete line of products dedicate to cabinet safety, as systems for water and compressed air treatment and products for the disinfection of equipment and surfaces. We have development a line for patient monitoring and emergency management. In addition we propose a complete series of oil-free compressors.

Prosthodontic laboratories
We propose to prosthodontic laboratories products able to satisfy them specific needs, as counter lamps with or without magnifying glass and systems for air depuration. We furnish them also oil-free compressors and ultrasonic baths.

Public and private hospitals
Our ceiling lamps are certificated as clinical lights. In addition, equipment as oil-free compressors, ultrasonic baths, sealers and autoclaves are largely used in hospitals.

Some of our equipment are used also into factories. For example, ultrasonic baths are used for industrial cleaning, while counter lamps are applied for the enlightenment of working tables.

Other applications
Thanks to ultrasonic baths and compressors versatility, and the complete range of lamps and disinfectants, we are able to satisfy the most different needs of vets, analysis laboratories, beauty centers and tattoo studios.

De Marco equipment are insured by Allianz Product Liability Insurance and we offer technical assistance and after sales support for our products and for the ones of the companies we represent in Italy.

As we import and represents many different international companies some products could not be available for international market. Please contact directly the producer to know who is your national dealer.

De Marco has been one of the first company of its filed to get DNV System Quality Certification (in 1998).